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Siwei Kang's Idea Jar

Notes on inequality

Things I’ve read or about to read to help me understand institutional racism.

Curated by Siwei Kang


never thought about that - sometimes inequality is revealed in the most subtle way

powerful conversation. a perfect recap of the book I just read: how to be an anti-racist.

the more I learned the more I realised there is so much I don’t know. this film helped me understand the historical context of police brutality.

I learned about the US police system in the first half of the show. And in the second half, three of the greatest coaches of all time talked about how important it is for us to educate ourselves on the topic of racial inequality. as Pope said: we can be held accountable if we are oblivious.


A podcast episode on the history of American policing


This book is written from a fathers perspective - it’s beautifully written, but it also makes me feel hopeless


we can’t follow the rules if the rules are already broken.


We need to know what we are fighting against - not individual racist behavior, but institutional racist policies


a great list to learn about redlining and racial capitalism etc.